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About us

Our company was founded in 1991 as a family business. In the beginning, we mainly supplied electromechanical components for the railways. Over the years, our activities and our team have expanded significantly. We are currently available to our customers with 14 people and 6 vehicles. Our activities have broadened, and the focus is still on the railway and companies developing for the railway. In 2020, our company became the owner of FARMELCO Kft., which made both personal and financial resources mutually available to the companies operating at the same location.

Our activities

Trading of electrical and electromechanical units, parts of power distribution systems, (tram, metro, V). supply public transport vehicles’ spare parts (alternate heating, signal lights, security equipment, broadcasting equipment). Our company carries out import-export activities in the above topics. Our goal is to provide our partners with a solid professional background and logistics service. Our company has been ISO 9001 certified and has an integrated management system since 2005.

Our products

Hitachi power semiconductors:

  • We offer the entire product range of Hitachi semiconductors. IGBT and IGCT modules, thyristors, diodes, GTO thyristors. Their scope of use ranges from welding machines to various drives, induction boilers and rectifier units. Outstanding quality in the 300-12000A and 200-8500V ranges.

Eaton-Souriau connectors:

  • The company Eaton-Souriau develops, manufactures and sells connectors that can be used in extreme environmental conditions. Its products can be found in various areas of the aerospace, transportation, military, marine, industrial.

Electrical installation:

  • We supply our customers with a wide selection of heat-schrinking tubes, electric tapes, cable ties, cables.

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