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Infineon Technologies Austria – Part of IPCEI Microelectronics

Infineon’s power semiconductors are deployed in key markets such as automotive, energy, digital and industrial equipment. These power electronics solutions also drive innovation in environmental sustainability, energy-efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Infineon’s IPCEI spillover activities include the following areas:

  • STEM education and talent – Infineon Austria will actively involve educational institutions and STEM talent, from pupils to PhDs.
  • Research and development – Induced by IPCEI, Infineon Austria will support universities’ research and development activities across Europe.
  • Industry collaboration across value chains – Infineon Austria will strengthen its collaboration with SMEs, startups and large companies beyond the IPCEI consortium and create positive spillover effects.

Infineon’s IPCEI spillover-activities will spread across Europe with a focus on Eastern and Southeastern European countries.

Starting in April 2024, IPCEI ME will become IPCEI on ME/CT.

The IPCEI ME/CT, a successor project to the IPCEI ME, deals with research and development projects in the fields of microelectronics and communication technologies along the entire value chain. These projects aim to enable the digital and green transition through innovative solutions and energy-efficient, resource-saving systems and manufacturing processes. The IPCEI ME/CT comprises 68 projects and involves over 30 associated participants from universities, research organisations and companies - including Infineon - in five other EU Member States and Norway.

Website: www.infineon.com

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