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Rondó Kft. is a reliable partner in comprehensive ESD protection since 1991. Product wholesale, unique product development, education and training, audits.

ESD protection

Complete solutions against electrostatic discharge. In addition to the wholesale of ESD-protected materials and devices, Rondó Kft. also provides ESD trainings and tailor made products for its partners. We help the work of ESD Coordinators across the country with our own ESD software.

Industrial ionization

With the help of the products and ionizers offered by Rondó Kft., we offer a wide range of solutions for various industrial processes, which can be used to optimize or speed up production, improve quality, reduce the number of scraps, and avoid the harmful effects of electrostatic charging.

Our Company

Rondó Kft. is founded in 1991 by Hungarian private equity. In the beginning, the profile of the company was to serve the electronics manufacturing industry with tools and equipment, and this still constitutes a significant part of our work.

As a result of the expansion of our profile in 1995, serving the electrical installation industry, we became distributors of several German companies, such as the hand tool manufacturer Klaus Friedrich GmbH, the measuring equipment manufacturer Benning GmbH and the electronic hand tool manufacturer OHM GmbH.

In 2000, a significant change took place in the life of our company. Expanding our product range towards the electronics industry, we started distributing ESD products as the exclusive representative of the German ESD product manufacturer Wolfgang Warmbier, the American industrial and electronic ionizer manufacturer Simco Company, and TREC Inc.

In 2004, we established a laboratory suitable for measuring ESD products, that was unique in Hungary. We started the production of self-developed ESD protected surfaces, as well as the production of tailor made ESD furnitures according to individual needs.

Since 2006, in collaboration with Universitas Kft. in Győr, we regularly hold accredited ESD coordinator courses.

Thanks to the development in 2019, production now takes place in a 600-square-meter hall, our warehouse capacity has increased to 1,000 square meters, and about 800 square meters of office space serves production.

In 2023, our in house developed ESDONE software, which helps the everyday work of ESD Coordinators, became available to our partners in Hungary. Among other things, the software supports the scheduling, execution and administration of ESD measurements, reduces the possibility of errors and helps to conduct audits quickly.

Contact details:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +36 96/513-800

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