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WNIE, What’s New in Electronics, is an online industry hub, supported by a weekly newsletter and both WNIE TV and WNIE Radio.

www.wnie.online posts daily updates and news for the whole of the electronics and semiconductor industry, keeping you updated on the latest developments globally in a range of ways. Whether it be with news stories, TV interviews, or informative podcasts and training videos, you can be sure that WNIE will deliver you the latest and most extensive range of content.

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GIF, Global Industry Focus, is a digital magazine which focuses on the people and the businesses behind the products. Looking more into industry insights and the ethos of the businesses who keep our industry evolving.

For any company wanting to reach a vast global audience of more than 49,000 contacts, there are a range of advertising opportunities available on each of our platforms. Contact Claire Saunders to find out more.

Contact details:
Claire Saunders, WNIE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +44 1428 609 382
Website: www.wnie.online

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