Andy Naisbitt

CEO, GEN3 Systems

Andy is the CEO of Gen3. A graduate of Oxford Brookes University, Andy embarked on his journey with Gen3 in 2010, working in a number of roles to become CEO in 2020. Gen3, originally established in 1979 as Concoat Ltd., underwent a transformative evolution following Concoats' sale in 2005. Under Andy's guidance, the company has emerged as a leading global company in the field of electronic reliability. Andy's strategic leadership has been instrumental in driving the significant growth of Gen3, steering the company towards continued success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Andy works with his team in developing products, ensuring they will meet market needs in a timely fashion. By participating in a number of industry events around the world he is aware of the challenges confronting the industry, and the increasing need for new solutions and the ability to measure performance. Standards are a key part of how the industry functions, and Andy works with his team to make significant contributions in the international arena. The company is also engaging in a number global collaborative projects with industry to develop better tools and materials for the industry. Andy is looking to develop these roles within the company and grow the business, and so produce a bright future for GEN3

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